Add to your appetizer menu offerings with Fontanini's Smack-Yum™ Appetizers. These delicious and cost effective appetizer ideas help end-users add an extra pop of flavor to their menus while maintaining maximum product yield and profitability! Choose from our signature Sausage Smack-Yums™ or our NEW breaded sausage and meatball varieties!


Fontanini Meats_SmackYums_F85

Fontanini Meats_SmackYums_F85 Fontanini Meats_SmackYums_F85

Sausage Smack-Yums™

DescriptionSKUPackagingNet WeightCase CubeCases/PalletTI/HI
Colossal Cooked Garlic Italian Sausage Chunks with Sweet and Spicy Buffalo SauceSS186 - 2.5 lb. bags of sausage;
6 - 8 oz. bags of sauce
Colossal Breaded Cooked Garlic Italian Sausage ChunksSYG36 - 2 lb. bags120.48110413/8
Breaded Popcorn Cooked Garlic Italian Sausage Chunks SYPC6 - 2 lb. bags120.38110413/8

Italian Meatball Smack-Yums™

DescriptionSKUPackagingNet WeightCase CubeCases/PalletTI/HI
Breaded Cooked 1/2 oz. Mamma Ranne Meatballs cut in half, approx. 1/4 oz. each SYCM6 - 2 lb. bags120.38110413/8

Sweet & Spicy Smack-Yum™ Buffalo Sauce

DescriptionSKUPackagingNet WeightCase CubeCases/PalletTI/HI
Sweet & Spicy Smack-Yum™ Buffalo SauceSY41G4 - 1 Gallon Pumps160.48110413/8