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Pizza Toppings

Fontanini offers a wide variety of pizza toppings to ensure our customers get exactly what they're looking for! Whether you are cost conscious or demand only the best, Fontanini has a pizza topping to fit your needs. Made from high quality beef and pork products, along with our signature spice blends, Fontanini will make your pizza stand out among the competition! All products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and appearances to customize your pizza even more!
Hand Pulled Style ®

This Hand-Pulled Style® Topping gives the appearance of a raw bulk sausage without the work! This easy-to-apply, pizzeria ready product is made from a deluxe meat block and course ground for a distinct eye appeal. With Fontanini's Hand-Pulled Style™, you'll be making pies as easy as 1-2-3!

Fontanini's Old Italian Neighborhood

Fontanini's "Old Italian Neighborhood" Toppings have an irregular, non-uniform appearance making it an ideal pick for an authentic but unique looking pie.

Random Chunk - Flat Bottom

Fontanini's Random Chunk - Flat Bottom Toppings are at the roots of our Italian Sausage Pizza Topping line. These square and rectangular “pillows” are made from an extra lean meat block and our gentle meat handling process. These unique features allow the meat to "plump" when it cooks while forming an outer, crispy texture.

Added eye appeal and great flavor make it a favorite among pizzerias across the country! So try it on a meat lovers or supreme pizza - the flat bottom helps the sausage stay on even the most packed pie and stand out among all those flavors! And don’t forget to cook the sausage under the cheese for a hand placed look as seen in the picture displayed!

Nugget Formed Pizza Topping

Fontanini's Nugget Formed Pizza Toppings are made from whole muscle cuts, making our nuggets plump and juicy in every bite! Because of their uniform appearance, these nuggets are easy to portion-control and come in several sizes, ranging from 15 - 100 pieces per ounce. Fontanini's Nugget Formed Toppings allow for operators to pile their pizza's high - 3 oz. covers a 12" pie generously!

New York Style Cooked & Sliced Italian Sausage

Fontanini's New York Style Cooked and Sliced Italian Sausages are made from one of our proprietary formulas and come in several shapes and sizes allowing for operators to customize their perfect pie! These Cooked and Sliced Italian favorites are delicous, kitchen ready products that offer a unique twist to the classic looking pie!

Beef Toppings

Made from select cuts of beef and seasoned with one of our signature flavors, Fontanini Beef Toppings come in a variety of sizes as well as pure or extended options. So, no matter what your pie cries out for, Fontanini has the toppings to take it over the top!

Chicken or Turkey Toppings

Move over traditional toppings, Fontanini Chicken and Poultry Toppings might soon be taking over! Made from all-natural, non-injected chicken or poultry, our newest line of pizza toppings add a healthy and tasty kick to the mix. Create your own new twist on a classic pie with Fontanini Chicken and Poultry Toppings!

Meatballs and Pepperoni For Pizza

Fontanini offers both our signature Mamma-Ranne's™ Meatballs and House Recipe Pepperoni for pizza. Whether you love the classic toppings or want to try something new, Fontanini has something for you!

All Natural Toppings

Fire up fresh ideas with our selection of All Natural Pizza Toppings! This flavorful pizza topping product lines offers a variety of products - all made with natural ingredients and spices!

Raw Bulk

Fontanini Raw Bulk Italian Sausage Pizza Topping can be applied by hand for a truly authentic pizza! This fresh-frozen, easy-to-use, and flavorful product is just like the stuff the first pizzeria's were using back in Italy. Fontanini's Raw Bulk Italian Sausage is at the root of our company and a product of gentle handling during our meat processes . Choose from one of our signature flavor profiles and experience "the taste they'll remember™".

Chorizo Toppings

Fontanini's Chorizo Toppings are a unique and flavorful addition to any pizza creation! These products are made from whole muscle cuts of pork*, chilis, and our original, vinegar based formula. With a medium peppered spice and a slight orange-reddish tint, Fontanini's chorizo toppings are truly authentic in both flavor and appearance!

Specialty / LTO Toppings

Spice up your pizza offerings with flavors and inspiration from around the world! Fontanini's same great quality and authentic flavors are available in several specialty pizza toppings! Try one of our LTO Pizza Topping Recipes or create your own specialty pie with these unique pizza toppings!