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Other Italian Favorites

Fontanini offers our customers several delicious and convenient options to take your menu to the next level. With these Italian Favorites in your kitchen, you will have more time to create masterpieces on your menu!

Fontanini's own special blend of giardiniera is a perfect addition to any sandiwch or meal. A little extra kick always does the trick - and your customers won't forget it!

The perfect compliment to Fontanini Sliced Italian Beef - Fontanini Au Jus Gravy. This product has all the delicious flavor of our roast beef - made from the same lean beef cuts to eliminate fat drippings when cooled, saturated fat, and calories. This flavorful, clear broth is great for topping or dipping sandwiches - or even drizzling over slices of roast beef, potatoes, and vegetables. 

Fontanini's Roasted Vegetable Blend is a mixture of sliced green bell peppers, red bell peppers, and onions. Roasted to perfection and then frozen to deliever our customers a delicious and convenient way to add extra flair and flavor to any dish. 

Good marinara sauce takes a little TLC! So let Fontanini do the work while you take the credit - try Fontanini's Homemade Marinara Sauce. The flavors of garlic and Italian seasoning will make any dish this sauce accompanies an instant favorite!

Just making pies? Not to worry - Fontanini offers a dry seasoning spice mix so you can create your own unique blend of pizza sauce with our perfected and flavorful blend of spices and seasoning!

Build your best pizza starting with our soft, airy, and crispy crust! That's right, Fontanini is offering its signature par-baked pizza crusts in rustic, thin, and flatbread varieties. Delicious and convenient - a perfect combination! 

Pictured: Rustic Crust

Fontanini's Cooked Capicola is made from whole trimmed pork butts, hand rolled in paprika and other spices, and then smoked for a delicious flavor.