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Italian Beef

Why does a Fontanini Italian Beef taste so good? To start, it’s because we select only the best muscle cuts of beef from a limited number of trusted suppliers. Then, we trim them to ensure maximum flavor and minimum fat before cooking them to perfection. Oven roasted - never in a bag - cuts of beef are exposed to the oven environment giving them that dry, roasted crust and ensuring a naturally moist center, a slow cooked flavor, and a natural color. Finally, we cut the roast into wafer-thin slices so each piece can absorb the succulent flavors of our Fontanini Au Jus Gravy - not to mention easy application and operator portion control. The result? A reputation in the food service industry for consistently delivering mouth-watering, high quality products!

Fontanini Meats_Italian Beef_F85

Fontanini Meats_Italian Beef_F85 Fontanini Meats_Italian Beef_F85 Fontanini Meats_Italian Beef_F85

Fontanini Italian Beef is a perfect addition to your menu! We offer this delicious, Chicago treat with or without gravy so choose what suits your operation's needs best! Either way, this lean and flavorful product will keep your customers coming back for more!


The perfect compliment to Fontanini Sliced Italian Beef is Fontanini's Au Jus Gravy.  This product has all the delicious flavor of our roast beef - made from the same lean beef cuts to eliminate fat deposits when gravy is cooled- meaning less saturated fat and calories overall. This flavorful, clear broth is great for topping or dipping sandwiches - or even drizzling over slices of roast beef, potatoes, and vegetables.