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Ethnic Sausage

Excite your menu with the tantalizing flavors of Fontanini Ethnic Sausages. Whether your customers have traveled the world or not – they will appreciate the authentic taste that only Fontanini can guarantee! From Bratwursts to Polish Sausages, Cajun Sausage to Chorizo, an Irish Banger to a Brazilian Linguisa Sausage - your taste buds will be on a first class trip around the world with just one bite!

The Polish Sausage with the Italian Name! Made from one of our all-time great recipes, Fontanini's Smoked Polish Sausages are fully cooked, cured beef and pork sausages packed with a garlic punch and hints of natural wood smoked flavors. Its coarse texture helps the product maintain its juiceiness.

Fontanini's Bratwurst Links are made from select cuts of pork and seasoned with traditional German flavors. These portion-controlled links are made with natural hog casings and have a typical bratwurst aroma and flavor. Enjoy, or as the Germans say, Geniesst!

Fontanini's Brazilian Brand Sausage Links are a cured pork sausage product seasoned with a distinct and true linguisa flavor. Designed to be cooked on a skewer, Fontanini Linguisa sausage is being used in Brazillian Steakhouses nationally. This product is made with natural hog casing and comes in both a link and rope variety.

Fontanini's Louisiana Beef Links are made from select cuts of beef and precooked for convenience. This Louisiana style product is great for smokehouses or a BBQ on those cool summer nights!

Fontanini's Chorizo Sausages are made from whole muscle cuts of pork*, chilis, and our original, vinegar based formula. This product has a medium peppered spice and a touch of vinegar, offering a slight tang to compliment the orange-reddish cast of the product. A truly traditional product in appearance and flavor! 

*No Animal By Product or Organ Meat Used

Not just for St. Patty's Day! Fontanini's GarLucky™ Cooked Irish Banger Sausage is made with lean cuts of pork and has a typical Irish Banger smell, taste, and appearance. This product is made with natural hog casing and comes as a portion controlled 6" link. Nationally, Irish pubs are now serving this with our famous Mustard Mash!

Fontanini's Hickory Smoked Cajun Style Sausage is a fully cooked, cured pork sausage seasoned with a traditional Cajun flavor spice blend and smoked with hickory wood for a complex flavor. Whether you call it Cajun or Andouille, you won't be disappointed by the smokey flavor of these delicious links!