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Breakfast Sausage

The right start to any day begins with one of Fontanini’s Breakfast Sausage varieties! We offer our premium breakfast sausage in a variety of sizes and flavors, including Original, Maple Sage, Country Sage, Pepper Mill, and Cranberry. Choose from natural casing, collagen casing, or our skinless options to make your breakfast menu even excite the night owls of the bunch.

Fontanini's Country Johnny Raw Bulk Breakfast Sausage is derived from select cuts of pork and natural spices including three types of sage and three types of peppers. This delicious and versatile product is great for those early-morning meals!


Fontanini Original Breakfast Sausages include raw pork sausage links and patties, in either beef collagen casing or skinless varieties. A flavorful and versitale product made with a salt and sugar base, a slight touch of white pepper, and a very mild sage... just enough flavor to appeal to every age group, especially the kids! This breakfast staple is a delicious addition to any breakfast menu!

The aroma of maple will permeate the kitchen* with these delicious Fontanini Maple Sage Breakfast Sausages. The succulent flavors of sage and maple are added to our original breakfast sausage formula to awaken the senses of your hungry, early-morning customers! 

*Do not cook this product in the vicinity of other meat products as the delicious and distinctive flavor will transfer to other products.

Available in both links and patties, Fontanini Country Johnny Breakfast Sausages are made with a heavier salt and sugar base, three types of sage, and three types of pepper - one for balance, one for kick, and one for that slight heat after each bite. One taste of these delicious breakfast sausages and you won't need the snooze button anymore!

Available in links, patties, and skinless varieties, Fontanini Pepper Mill Breakfast Sausages wake up your taste buds with a spicy pork breakfast sausage flavor. Same original breakfast sausage formula with an added touch of pepper - just enough kick to start your day the right way!

Fontanin’s Cranberry Chicken Breakfast Sausage makes breakfast the most delicious- most important meal of the day! This fully cooked chicken sausage link is made using our country Johnny formula – three types of sage and pepper-packed with real cranberries for a unique spin on a breakfast classic. Compared to traditional links, this plump 4” link is skinless, 2-2.2 oz. of flavor that commands and deserves center of the plate attention!