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La Famiglia di Fontanini

Mamma Ranne’s ®  

Fontanini’s Famous Mamma Ranne’s ® Brand take Italian to the next level. Our Mamma Ranne Brand Italian Style Meatballs are made with select cuts of beef and pork and seasoned with Italian spices and cheeses, including fresh parsley, garlic, and Romano and Ricotta cheeses. Made to be just like homemade so you can enjoy time eating and less time cooking!

Moda Nostra™

Moda Nostra™ means “Our Way” and our way of making sweet Italian Sausage is the difference between good and great. These products are made from lean cuts of pork and seasoned perfectly with Sweet Italian sausage flavors, including sweet fennel. Fontanini’s Moda Nostra links are hand-cut for that authentic appearance. So come on, try it Our Way!

Mina de Oro ®

Mina de Oro ® is Fontanini’s Spanish Product Line Brand. Distinguished by our proprietary vinegar-based recipe and whole cuts of pork and chilis, these products have an authentic Spanish Chorizo taste and appearance.

Diamanti™ Gyros

Diamanti™ Gyros are manufactured from a perfect blend of select whole muscle cuts – including domestic lamb, choice and domestic beefs chunks – and seasoned with traditional Greek flavors, including mint leaves, oregano, and lemon.

Hand Pulled Style ®

Fontanini’s Hand Pulled Style ® Brand is derived from a deluxe meat block and course ground for a distinct eye appeal. These products give the appearance hand pulled raw bulk Italian sausage without all the work. With Fontanini's Hand Pulled Style™, you'll be making pies as easy as 1-2-3!

Fontanini’s Old Italian Neighborhood™

Fontanini’s Old Italian Neighborhood™ Brand is derived from select cuts of pork and seasoned to perfection with one of our signature spice blends. These pizza toppings have an irregular, non-uniform appearance - making them an ideal pick for a delicious and unique looking pie.