Make way for the "Wrecking Ball"!

Pizza is only one of the reasons that Apollo Pizza is a staple in the Richmond, KY community. The newly revamped establishment will be adding several new features, including craft beer and Fontanini's very own 8 oz. Meatball, dubbed by Apollo's as the "Wrecking Ball"! Check out the article below to learn more about this Richmond legacy.

 Carl Hogsed, assistant manger, holds a Fontanini Sausage Pizza at the reopened Apollo Pizza Tuesday, Aug. 14.

Apollo Pizza Gives Downtown New Dining Destination

RICHMOND — Pizza fans will be happy to know that Apollo Pizza has reopened on South Second Street in downtown Richmond, further fortifying life in the historic city center.

 Those who love fresh pizza will be even happier to know that once again Richmond has a pizzeria where the dough and the sauce are made fresh on site every day.

 During the start up, Apollo is serving customers for carry out or delivery only beginning at 4 p.m. each day. The dining room and bar will be opening sometime in September with a grand opening set for October.

 The students and families who enjoyed the home-grown taste of Apollo Pizza, a landmark in Richmond since 1981, were saddened when it closed in February after the death of long-time owner Charles Martin. But, he left a legacy of many friends and a collection of handwritten recipes.

 One of Martin’s friends was attorney Wes Browne, whose office on Second Street was a close neighbor to Apollo Pizza. Browne recalled that Martin appeared at his office door fairly often with a steaming hot pizza. Browne's two sons claimed Apollo pizza as their favorite, and the attorney decided to bring Apollo Pizza back.

“I didn’t want to see downtown lose Apollo. I didn’t want to see a long-time institution lost,” he said.

 So Browne and his business partner, attorney Rodney Davis, bought the building from Martin’s estate. Browne himself bought the business name and even managed to keep the same phone number.

 Former customers will be impressed with the renovations to the building, beginning with the dry stack stone on the facades and a bright new look inside. Apollo regulars will find the menu much the same as before, but with a few innovations.

 Browne favors craft beer and wanted custom brews to be a part of Apollo, so he has applied for a beer-only license. When the license is available, the name will have an extension. He is calling it “Apollo Pizza and Beer Emporium.”

Browne has hired three managers who will run the business day-to-day, Felecia Mays, Tony Riley and Carl Hogsed.

 Hogsed worked at Apollo Pizza while in school at Eastern Kentucky University when he used to make all the dough and sauces.

“We are going to do our absolute best to make pizza the way Richmond came to expect it from Apollo Pizza,” Browne said.

 Hogsed says he is excited to be back at Apollo. “We have a good crew that’s been working hard for the opening,” he said.

 The first carry-out customers were served this past Wednesday just after the 4 p.m. opening.

What’s new on the menu at the “new” Apollo Pizza? Customers can order the special, a 14-inch pizza with one topping for $8.99. A signature item is the wagon wheel, an extra-large 20-inch pizza. Browne said they are offering a 10-topping pizza called The Charles to honor the late Charles Martin.

Customers also can expect two flavors of the month each month. These will sometimes be a little more adventurous than in the past, Browne said.

 Another new item on the menu is a half-pound meatball with an order of garlic sticks called the “Wrecking Ball.”

You can follow Apollo Pizza on Facebook and Twitter. Browne said there are “already 200 people who like us on Facebook.". You can find out more about the grand opening of the dining room and the craft beer sales by checking the website at

Article written by: Sandra W. Plant, Richmond Register Correspondent

Photographs by: Kaitlin Keane